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How an Impacted Tooth Can Alter Your Quality of Oral Health Care
Posted on 10/15/2019 by Dr. VanBrunt
If you have ever had an impacted tooth, you know it can be quite frustrating. When a tooth becomes impacted, it can cause havoc on your mouth. Not only do they cause pain, but they can also cause a shift in your teeth, causing them to move around to make room for the tooth to come through the gums. They are most commonly found to happen when you are young, but can happen at a later age. How do you treat an Impacted Tooth?By taking over-the-counter pain relievers that can usually help relieve some impacted tooth discomfort or pain.  Applying ice outside against the cheek of the impacted teeth can also reduce swelling and pain. Remember not to put any ice in your mouth as it can accidentally be bitten on and break teeth.  Removal of the impacted tooth is the usual treatment for an impacted tooth. Give our office a call immediately if you notice one starting to form. How Impacted Teeth Are RemovedAn impacted tooth is removed surgically in several steps. We will give you some anesthesia and then administer a numbing solution to numb the area locating the impacted tooth. Once your mouth is numb, the procedure will start. Depending on whether the teeth are already exposed to the gums is the first step. If they are not exposed, we will cut the gum line exposing the impacted tooth. The tooth will be separated at the jawline and be removed entirely. The gums will be stitched back up and you will be on your way.  It may seem scary, but impacted tooth removal itself is painless. The following couple days are followed with some discomfort as your mouth heals from the removed teeth. Complications are extremely rare and our office performs this procedure many times through the year on wisdom teeth. If you have an impacted tooth or need your wisdom teeth removed, call us. We can assist in the removal in a painless way....

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