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Oral Hygiene
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Practicing good oral hygiene habits on a regular basis is a must, not only for your oral health but also for your confidence. While most people would claim that they floss and brush their teeth on a regular basis, doing only that is not sufficient for maintaining the optimum level of oral hygiene. Regular dental exams and dental cleanings are a necessity to ensure the removal of plaque and tartar that gets collected underneath the gums. Everyone requires some pointers regarding their regular oral hygiene, especially if they have suffered from oral diseases in the past. A regular checkup at Smiles of Tulsa can not only prevent tooth decay, diseases, and plaque buildup but also helps you achieve the best oral hygiene practices with the guidance of our experts.

Standard Oral Hygiene Practices

Oral hygiene starts at home, and there are several practices encouraged by our experts to help you ensure the utmost good health of your teeth and gums. Not only do these practices serve as a preventive measure for diseases and unpleasant odors, but they also allow your teeth to look aesthetically pleasing.

The standard oral hygiene habit is brushing your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. However, brushing after meals and immediately after consuming sugary drinks is encouraged whenever possible. Alongside brushing, you should also floss your teeth to remove food particles and plaque that gets collected between your teeth.

Brushing your teeth the right way is important. Harsh brushing could damage your gums. Therefore, using a soft toothbrush and brushing your teeth carefully and gently is important. If you are using your toothbrush as a tongue cleaner, you need to be even more gentle. Do not forget to rinse the toothbrush before using it on your tongue, as you do not want to spread bacteria.

It is also important to note that you should brush your teeth on all sides and spend at least two minutes collectively every time you brush. You should also use a tongue cleaner, as food often gets collected in your taste buds and can lead to bad odor and infections. If possible, also rinse your mouth using mouthwash to kill any remaining bacteria.

Lastly, the food you eat matters a lot too. Reducing your intake of sugary food and drinks can help prevent cavities. Carbonated drinks have also been proven to weaken the enamel, so you should drink sodas in moderation. Rinsing your mouth after every meal and eating crunchy foods that strengthen your teeth are also notably helpful practices.

Professional Oral Care

While taking care of your teeth at home is of paramount importance, these oral hygiene practices are still not sufficient, and professional care is always required to check whether there are some abnormalities in the buccal cavity, and for the removal of plaque in hard to reach areas of the mouth. Getting oral checkups at least twice a year to get any plaque or tartar buildup removed is an excellent place to start.

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Regular dental exams at Smiles of Tulsa can not only prevent tooth decay, diseases, and plaque buildup but also helps you achieve the best oral hygiene practices.
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