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Dexis Digital X-Rays
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Digital x-rays by our dentist at Smiles of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK
Examining your mouth is a crucial part of your regular dental checkups. With exams, we can spot the smallest issues before they have a chance to cause serious complications. However, your mouth is made up of multiple parts. There are only so many things that we can see with the naked eye. To provide you with a thorough exam, an accurate diagnosis, and an effective treatment plan, we need to see every component of the mouth, including the ones hidden from view. At Smiles of Tulsa, we can see the hidden parts of your mouth with digital x-rays.

Why are X-rays So Important?

X-rays are an essential part of your dental health record. They are also essential for diagnosing certain issues. With x-rays, we can see the hidden areas of your mouth, including between your teeth and under your gums. We can check the roots of your teeth, monitor changes in your jawbone, diagnose cysts or abscesses, watch the development of teeth, and more. Along with diagnosing certain issues, x-rays also allow us to develop an effective, customized treatment plan.

The Issues with Traditional X-Rays

For many years, x-rays have been taken using radiation. Many patients are not fond of the idea of radiation exposure and would often avoid having them taken. Avoiding x-rays can have a serious effect on your oral health. Without x-rays, small issues may go undiagnosed, as symptoms do not often show up until the condition has worsened. This can lead to the need for more invasive treatments later.

In addition to radiation exposure, traditional x-rays also take time to develop. We would have to leave the room to develop the images in a darkroom, leaving you alone in the chair. Valuable appointment time is wasted and less time is devoted to helping you understand your diagnosis and your treatment options.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are a technological advancement over traditional x-rays. Instead of using radiation to capture your images, digital x-rays utilize electronics. We place a sensor, which is attached to a computer, into your mouth. With just a few button clicks, we capture the necessary images, and they show up within seconds on the computer monitor.

Digital X-Ray Benefits

There are several benefits associated with digital x-ray technology:
•  Getting your images is quick and easy.
•  Your images are displayed almost instantly on our computer monitor. We do not have to leave the room to develop them. Because of this, more of your appointment is spent with you. We can ensure that you understand your diagnosis and your treatment options, which can leave you feeling more confident.
•  With the use of specialized software, we can manipulate your images to see even the smallest details. We can zoom in, enhance, and even change the colors of the images.
•  We can provide you with a more accurate diagnosis and a more effective treatment plan.
•  Digital technology reduces your radiation exposure by up to 95%.

Digital x-rays are an essential tool for spotting issues in their earliest stages, allowing you to get the effective treatment you need to restore your oral health. For more information, call Smiles of Tulsa today at (918) 891-3059.

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At Smiles of Tulsa, we can see the hidden parts of your mouth in order to provide better treatment with Dexis digital x-rays. Click here to learn more!
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