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Dental Implants vs Mini Implants
Dentist Tulsa, OK

Rendering of jaw with dental implant at Smiles of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK. There are many benefits of dental implants. They are durable, long-lasting, aesthetically appealing, and infuse with the tooth naturally. At Smiles of Tulsa, we can get you the smile you have always wanted. If you have broken, damaged, or missing teeth, dental implants can offer the best solution for you.

Why Get Dental Implants?

The loss of teeth is more than simply an aesthetic problem, even though it may alter how someone smiles and even modify the form of their face. For instance, missing teeth might alter jaw function, leading to uneven tooth wear. One missing tooth or multiple teeth may also make it difficult for someone to chew food, which can cause digestive problems or even change their eating correctly. Surrounding teeth may fill an open area left by a lost tooth, leading to jaw difficulties, misaligned teeth, biting disorders, and uneven wear. Teeth also maintain the health of the jawbone. The jawbone is compressed by teeth when eating and biting. The bone is stimulated by this pressure, which helps it maintain its mass. Bone loss can be possible without the force of a tooth.

Dentures cover the space created by missing teeth and function rather well for eating and biting; therefore, they provide an appropriate solution to tooth loss. Dentures may fall out, slide, and make it hard to talk correctly or consume certain foods. They don't necessarily appear or feel like real teeth. Additionally, they often need more maintenance than real teeth.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants have a similar structure to traditional dental implants, but as the name suggests, they are definitely smaller. They have a one-piece screw, unlike the bigger varieties, which have a diameter of 3mm. It also has a ball-shaped tip that protrudes from your jawbone. The dental implant procedure is less invasive than conventional types, which is why some patients may prefer them.

The toothpick-sized mini implants are inserted into the bone above the gum's surface as opposed to traditional implants inserted beneath the gums. Mini implants are easier to put in and take less time to get than traditional implants. Mini implants may often be placed by the dentist using local anesthetic in a single appointment. And no stitches are required. Traditional implants take many months and call for at least two dentist visits. For some procedures, further visits may be necessary for bone grafting to create sufficient bone to hold the dental implants.

Mini Dental Implant Materials

Titanium alloys or titanium make both conventional and micro dental implants. Both conventional and small dental implants are constructed of titanium, which allows the jawbone to develop a true connection to them over time. Osseointegration will cause the jawbone to expand around the mini implants. As a result, the implant may operate normally.

Titanium is biocompatible and hypoallergenic. This indicates that the body may use it without any risk. Some individuals often are concerned about putting foreign objects in their mouths. But there is no need to fear small dental implants. If you have additional questions regarding dental implants or mini dental implants, contact us at Smiles of Tulsa at (918) 891-3059.

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Dental Implants vs. Mini Implants • Dentist Tulsa, OK
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