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Dental Implant Restoration
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A couple with dental implants smiling at Smiles of Tulsa in Tulsa.Your teeth experience wear and tear over time due to use. If you have had dental implants for some time, the prostheses may as well experience similar kinds of damage or wear. Tooth loss is growing, therefore, there is a need to get solutions to issues related to tooth loss as well as tooth replacement prostheses. Although dental implants can survive for decades, they still need maintenance.

That is where Smiles of Tulsa comes in to provide implant restoration or repair of dental implants that become loose, get damaged, or have another kind of complication. We look at every case closely to determine the cause and the most appropriate implant repair or restoration solution to offer.

Problems with Dental Implants

If your dentist was skilled in implant placement, you may never need restoration. In most cases, dental implant failure is between five and 10%, which is extremely low. However, sometimes implants fail, and when they do, you will need to restore them. Problems with dental implants are serious because they can cause the implant to become loose or the crown to crack and fall off. For the most part, issues like these are what the dental implant restoration process aims to fix.

When Do Dental Implants Fail or Become Loose?

Your implant may have become loose because osseointegration never fully occurred. The procedure by which the titanium implant integrates with the natural jawbone is called osseointegration. Over the course of several months, the body deposits bone around the implant, securing it in the same way it secures the natural root of a tooth. Your implant may become loose in the future if that procedure is interrupted. Also, a healthy jawbone is crucial to the longevity of your implant. The implant may loosen and fail if you suffer from gum disease or an infection that causes bone loss.

Treatment for Restoring Dental Implants

It is the failed component of the dental implant that will determine the restoration procedure. There are typically two main types of implant failures. If the tooth itself or dental crown breaks or becomes damaged, it can be fixed without affecting the implant part or titanium post. If the implant itself fails, you will need to start over, which can involve up to four separate procedures. It must first be surgically removed from the body. After that, a bone graft may be required, depending on the state of your jawbone.

In the event that your implant became loose because of insufficient density, failure to address the underlying cause will render a replacement implant impossible. You will need some time to recover from this operation before we can place a replacement implant. The replacement procedure here would be similar to the actual dental implant placement procedure.

If you are having any kind of difficulties with your dental implants, be sure to call us at (918) 891-3059 and schedule an appointment. At Smiles of Tulsa, we will be sure to examine your dental implant and ensure you get the right standard and quality of care. The restoration process can be difficult if the implant is damaged, but at our dental offices, we will help you manage the challenges.

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Smiles of Tulsa comes in to provide implant restoration or repair of dental implants that become loose, get damaged, or have another kind of complication!
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