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A woman smiling after having her broken tooth fixed at Smiles of Tulsa in Tulsa, OKYour teeth are designed to be naturally hard and powerful, that is why you bite and chew without problems. However, over time, the protective layer of teeth known as dental enamel is eroded or damaged leading to problems like cavities and decay. When you want to repair a decayed, broken, or fractured tooth, one of the treatments you can seek is bonding. Tooth bonding often involves covering the tooth with a special resin material that is hardened with a light to help it adhere and cure over the tooth. Teeth bonding can correct and repair numerous issues, including a damaged, broken,cracked, or chipped tooth. The bonding process helps restore and enhance your smile. When you visit our dental specialists at Smiles of Tulsa, we examine your teeth, helping us determine whether tooth bonding is suitable in resolving your problem.

When is Bonding Required?

You may require teeth bonding if you want to repair a decayed tooth. Our dentist uses a composite resin to fill a cavity that has formed in a tooth. The presence of cavities contributes to decay, which can eventually lead to the loss of a tooth. You may also seek tooth bonding if your tooth is broken, cracks, or gets chipped. Besides, if your teeth are discolored, bonding may help improve their look. Additionally, bonding helps close gaps between the teeth. If your teeth look shorter than usual, you can make them appear longer by using the bonding technique. When part of a root of the tooth becomes exposed as a result of gum recession, you can protect it by applying the composite resin.

How is Bonding Performed?

Visiting our dental office to receive a bonding procedure for one or several teeth takes only a few hours. Our dentist will prep the teeth for the procedure by cleaning and flossing them, however, the preparation is not intense. Also, the dentist administers anesthesia if bonding is being performed to fill cavities or repair decayed teeth. Otherwise, for other procedures like repairing a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth and sealing a gap between the teeth, the dentist may not administer a numbing agent.

Moreover, if the dentist will have to drill a tooth in order to change its shape, anesthesia is used. The same applies to repairing a chip that is near the nerve area of the tooth. To ensure that the bonding resin closely matches your tooth color, the dentist uses a color or shade guide. Before applying the composite resin material, our dentist will use a conditioning fluid to help the bonding material firmly stick to the teeth. Once the resin is applied, the dentist uses light to enable it to cure or harden fast. Finally, the dental specialist smoothes out the material, making it feel natural and smooth like your teeth.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Bonding is considered less expensive and easier than veneers and crowns. It requires little removal of enamel. You also may not need a numbing agent. This procedure improves your bite and oral health since it protects the tooth by repairing broken teeth and filling cavities, chips, and cracks.

Visit us at Smiles of Tulsa to learn more about bonding and see if it works for your dental needs. Call us at (918) 891-3059 to book your appointment.

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