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Snacks That Keep Your Teeth Cleaner In Between Brushings

Posted on 3/15/2019 by Dr. VanBrunt
Snacks That Keep Your Teeth Cleaner In Between BrushingsYou know that you should brush your teeth after every meal. You try, but there are times when it is not possible. You also sometimes want a snack, even though you know that you will not be able to brush your teeth right away.

There is good news. There are some snacks that can help to clean your teeth in between brushings. The best part of all is that they are healthy, and that they taste great.

Dairy Snacks
There are a couple of snacks that are dairy based that can help you to have a cleaner mouth. The first is cheese. You will want to make sure that it is real cheese, cheese flavored products are not going to clean your mouth. Another choice is yogurt. It can be good for both your teeth and your gums.

Just make sure that you eat yogurt that is low in sugar, because sugar can be harmful instead. Both cheese and yogurt can increase the amount of saliva that you have in your mouth, which will help to keep it clean.

Plant Based Snacks
One of the best snacks to clean your teeth grows on a tree. Apples are great for cleaning your teeth between brushings, and they also have health benefits. The firmer the apple, the better. Celery and carrots are also foods that will clean your teeth as you chew. Another nice thing about these two vegetables is that they are low in calories.

These are just a few of the snacks that can help you to have a cleaner smile in between brushings. Remember to stay away from snacks that are high in sugar, and check the sugar content of your beverages as well. Choosing the right snacks will keep your mouth cleaner, and that will be evident when you have your next appointment with us.

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