Dentures Tulsa – Restoring Your Smile With Our “Tried and True” Dentures

Whether you are facing disease, trauma or the distinct signs of old age, losing several or all of your teeth can have serious repercussions on the state of your health. Left untreated, tooth loss causes a degradation of the bone and tissues that make up the mouth, compromising the integrity of any remaining healthy teeth as well as an imminent decline of the facial structure.

If you would like to stop tooth loss in its tracks by obtaining dentures in Tulsa, OK, the experts from Smiles of Tulsa are here for you.

Dentures are removable dental appliances composed of artificial teeth on a structure of metal or synthetic gum tissue. Designed to perfectly mimic natural teeth, a denture effectively restores a smile’s aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, it serves the essential purpose of restoring structural support to the mouth, as well as healthy chewing and speaking abilities.

Two common types of dentures include:

Dentures Tulsa OK

  • Complete dentures – Also known as full dentures, these are designed to cover a full upper or lower jaw that is missing all of its teeth. Complete dentures can be planned in advance, if possible, allowing for immediate placement. Alternately, placement occurs a few months following tooth loss or extraction.
  • Partial dentures – Commonly known as partials, these are designed to restore a series of missing teeth between adjacent healthy teeth. A metal framework typically holds the restoration in place. Partial dentures serve the additional purpose of preventing any remaining natural teeth from shifting into the gaps.

How Long is The Denture Process?

Dentures have long been an effective solution for simulating the reversal of tooth loss in millions of patients. However, the process is not instantaneous: Creating a custom restoration that looks and feels natural may take up to 12 weeks for long-term success. Additional time may be required for adjustment, as the bone and gum tissue can shrink while healing.

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