Dental Crown Tulsa- Protect Your Tooth for Years to Come

Tooth Crown Tulsa OKOur teeth are often overlooked as playing such a critical role in our overall health.  Sure we use them to show off our Smiles of Tulsa smiles, but we also use them for about everything else too.  Dr. VanBrunt knows this is all too true and almost every day he sees a broken tooth and you’ll hear him remind patients, “your teeth aren’t tools.”

Let’s face it, we’ve all done it.  You have that testy plastic package of croutons or bag of chips and we just instinctively raise it to our mouths to let our teeth open the package.  Or maybe your husband is out fishing and needs pliers to cut some line, but instead, he uses his teeth to bite off the tag end of the fishing line after tying on his new lure. You may even be one of many people who love crunching on ice!  That’s one of the most detrimental things for teeth next to our number one stressor of teeth:  people who clench and grind their teeth.  All of these actions stress our teeth and can lead to crack formation.

Cracks in teeth can lead to a broken tooth.  Enamel is the outer covering of a tooth and is a crystalline structure with properties like glass.  When Dr. V’s mother used to make stained glass art, she always first scored the glass to mark where she wanted the glass to break before applying pressure with pliers to “cut” the glass into shapes.  So that crack in your tooth, caused by chomping ice or grinding, acts like a scored piece of glass.  When a tooth is stressed past its limit, the tooth will break along one of those “scored” crack lines.  Often times a broken tooth with split below the gums along this crack line and the tooth will have to be extracted.  Other times, a chunk of the tooth will break off leaving a jagged piece of tooth or exposed nerve in its place; this is when Dr. V and a properly fabricated crown can come to the rescue!

A crown is basically an “enamel replacement.”  The purpose of a crown is to wrap around a tooth and keep the tooth from flexing at the crack line.  By keeping the crack from flexing, it keeps the crack from slowly creeping and extending further down into the gums or towards the center nerve portion of the tooth.  A crown can also be used to simply replace a large portion of the tooth that has broken off due to a crack or impact from trauma.  A crown can be made of gold, porcelain, or a combination of the two.  Regardless of composition, a crown helps prevent further deterioration and preserve a tooth for increased longevity.

If you are near Tulsa, OK and want to find out more about having Dr. V help you preserve your teeth with dental crowns, please call our office today at <(918) 481-4910 Alternately, you can reach out to us through our website, and a member of the Smiles of Tulsa team will be happy to ensure that you keep your tooth for years to come.