Dental Crowns Tulsa – Keep Your Tooth for Years to Come

Dental Crowns Tulsa OK A tooth is one of the most durable, timeless elements of the human body – unless its health or structure is compromised. Teeth must maintain their perfect structure in order to retain their healthy function and aesthetic appeal for a lifetime. Unfortunately, teeth that undergo extensive decay removal, lose large fillings or suffer severe breaks lose the essential structure that they need to survive.
If you would like to protect your tooth’s structure with highly effective dental crowns in Tulsa, OK, the specialists from Smiles of Tulsa are only one call away.
Dental crowns are synthetic caps placed over a tooth that has undergone a restorative procedure with the aim of restoring its shape, size, and overall structure. This restoration is fabricated from medical-grade porcelain, which mimics the structure and appearance of natural teeth. With proper care and maintenance, a dental crown restores your tooth’s healthy strength and durability.

Installing a dental crown typically requires a total of 2 visits to our office, as follows:

1. Damage assessment – Depending on the situation, a tooth may have to be prepared for crown placement. For example, severe decay with a risk of infection indicates that a root canal is a prerequisite for a crown. A missing tooth, on the other hand, requires an implant to be placed beneath the crown.
2. Dental crown placement – Once your custom crown has been fabricated, it is permanently secured in place over the affected tooth.
Crowns are one of the most versatile treatment options, as they can be implemented in virtually any situation where a tooth’s structure has been severely compromised. Not only does this treatment preserve the health and aesthetics of your smile but it also saves the tooth from being extracted – provided that it has retained enough healthy structure in order to be restored.
To find out more about arming your teeth against complete breakdown with dental crowns in Tulsa, OK, please call our office today at (918) 481-4910. Alternately, you can reach out to us through our website, and a member of the Smiles of Tulsa team will be happy to ensure that you keep your tooth for years to come.

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